About Paradise Bakeries

In Paradise Bakeries, we offer freshly prepared baked goods made from scratch every morning from the finest ingredients available. We offer a variety of products including bakeries, pastries, cakes, donuts, crackers and arabic sweets such as Ma’moul, Barazek and Ghribeh. Ka'aki is our latest creative healthy product, which comes with four different flavors. Our associates are extremely proud of the reputation that Paradise bakeries has earned for providing exceptional services and producing the finest quality products.

We are considered today as a leading brand in the bakery industry. However, the more things change, the more we stay the same in maintaining the best quality ever. All of our products are still prepared daily, and with only the finest ingredients available, just as you would do at home. Today, we own the “hands-on” bakery concept, which what sets us apart and keeps our loyal customers coming back, again and again.

Paradise Bakeries now operates over 4 branches in Jordan. Our shops are in free standing street parking locations, also you can find our products in various shop & shopping malls.

  • Baker of natural and organic products.
  • Baking thousands of naturally good pies, sweets, donuts and cookies, too!
  • Overseas export.

loaves of Arabic bread per day baked and delivered


Years of Independently owned and operated


toast and French bread baked per day



How we got started

In 1996, the founder of Paradise Bakeries Mr. Walid Al Jitan came up with his inspiration and heritage that he carried with him from Jerusalem where bakeries are unique and famous in its taste that we mastered. As our success grew, we continued to expand our products list and franchising. Now it’s a family business that has been started with one bakery shop, turned now with several shops and state of the art factory producing with very high standard using the latest technologies with full exporting capacities.

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